Study Design

eCRF Template Development

Our team of experienced eCRF/database designers will create templates that accurately capture the protocol-required data. The resulting input documents will be designed to look exactly like traditional paper forms. This approach enhances the data entry experience as the site personnel know exactly what to expect, and eases the transition from paper CRF data collection to the use of intelligent eCRFs.

Study Database Specification

Our staff of experienced database and data management professionals can work directly with your team to create the specifications needed to build your study database. This includes specifying the built-in logic checks to ensure the most robust data capture by providing real-time feedback as data is entered. The result will be a logical database schema designed to support your unique data collection and analysis requirements.

Site EDC Qualification

We pre-qualify potential investigational sites to assure their ability to successfully utilize our technologies. This process helps to establish regulatory compliance and promotes a positive end-user experience.