Q Does the Clinical Discovery Platform provide ad hoc reporting?
A Yes. CDP allows users to create reports using SQL, Crystal, and proprietary reports at any time.
Q Will your new site monitoring app work on Android and iPhone?
A Absolutely
Q Can files/documents be uploaded into a study?
A Yes. CDP allows the upload of any file type.  Study level forms can be restricted according to role and site.
Q Can manual queries be created and managed?
A Yes. Users with appropriate rights can generate manual queries and assign statuses to these queries.
Q Can users have access to multiple studies?
A Yes. Users in CDP need only one username and password. They can then access all studies assigned to them. The same user can have different roles depending on the study and access assigned.
Q Is the Clinical Discovery Platform 21 CFR Part 11 compliant?
A Yes. CDP was designed to meet all parts of the regulation governing electronic records and signatures.
Q How often can we receive data sets from the study?
A Appropriate users can execute data downloads at any time in multiple formats.  Exports can also be securely transferred to the client on a scheduled basis.
Q Can core labs access the system?
A Yes.  Permissions can be applied at the study, site, or form level.
Q Does the system support hybrid (RDE/DDE) studies?
A Yes. Entry type can be defined at the site level.
Q Is study data backed up regularly?
A Yes. Full backups are executed nightly with transaction logs written hourly. Backups are stored locally and in mirrored remote backup locations.
Q Can we design our own forms and reports?
A Yes. CDP provides a form designer tool with a user friendly interface that allows for simple form development. Functionality also exists for appropriate users to design SQL and Crystal reports that can be incorporated into the study and accessed by other study users.
Q Can we define custom user roles and permissions to match our data privacy needs?
A Yes. CDP provides configurable permissions to define access levels to specific system functionality and forms within a study.
Q Does your system support the new functionality found in HTML 5?
A Yes. CDP was designed using the latest technology and allows the system to use features that take advantage of HTML 5.