Our belief is that web-based CTMS software should be simple and affordable. Our Clinical Discovery Platform (CDP) provides an intuitive, compliant solution allowing investigators, clinicians, and data managers to perform their roles accurately and efficiently. Our products and services have been and will continue to be a reflection of the needs of our clients and their investigational partners.

Our staff and partners are made up of industry veterans in the fields of clinical, regulatory, data management, and information systems development. The team has been assembled in order to help research organizations reduce and control the costs associated with performing clinical trials, while increasing the speed with which clinical trial data is collected, processed and made available for meaningful analysis.

We believe that when it comes to information systems, simpler truly is better. Our unwavering commitment to this guiding principle is demonstrated in our name, and in our Clinical Discovery Platform℠. We have conducted extensive field-based research, which included one-on-one interviews, Focus groups, and hands-on system usability testing. As a result, we have concluded that the specific goals of our clients and investigational end users can best be met through the development, maintenance, and delivery of simplified clinical data systems.

Feel free to contact us to explore our on-line CDP Demo, for answers to any questions you may have, or to discuss options for your next clinical study.

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Simplified Clinical Data Systems, LLC
John P. Schwope, President