Compliance and Quality Control

Conduct Your Research on a Trusted Cloud

Manage your PHI data with confidence.

We take security, compliance, and privacy seriously. We leverage the global footprint of Microsoft Azure to give our clients the same security and proactive compliance trusted by startups, enterprises, and governments worldwide.

Azure security isolates data and provides layered, in-depth defense and advanced threat protection aligned with strict industry compliance standards. This allows you to manage enterprise data workloads with autoscaling, high availability, and disaster recovery support. Manage your data according to applicable regulations with certifications for ISO, HITRUST, FedRAMP, SOC and in scope for the Azure BAA.

When you bring together the capabilities of security, compliance, identity and management, we can natively integrate individual layers of protection across clouds, platforms, endpoints and devices to reduce the risk of data breaches and compliance violations, improving productivity.

Clinical Discovery Platform is rock-solid, technologically superior,
and compliant with the world’s most demanding regulatory
compliance standards.

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Zero Trust Security

We have adopted a new security model that more effectively adapts to the complexity of the modern environment, embraces the hybrid workplace, and protects people, devices, apps, and data wherever they’re located.

  • Verify explicitly
  • Use least privileged access
  • Assume breach

Regulatory Compliance

Meeting compliance obligations in a dynamic regulatory environment is complex. We are here to help you navigate this ever-changing landscape.

Comply with national, regional, and industry-specific requirements governing the collection and use of data with help from our comprehensive set of compliance offerings.

Azure compliance documentation | Microsoft Docs


Our time-tested approach to privacy is grounded in our commitment to give you control over the data you put in the cloud. In other words, you control your data. Microsoft guarantees this with the contractual commitments we make to you. Your control over your data is reinforced by Microsoft compliance with broadly applicable privacy laws such as the GDPR and privacy standards such as the world’s first international code of practice for cloud privacy, ISO/IEC 27018

Quality Control

Better software begins with best practices. Our Clinical Discovery Platform has been built, tested, and managed with industry-standard best practices on the most advanced application development platform in the world.

A winning combination of 15 years of experience with the most advanced development tools and processes. We use end-to-end solutions on Azure to implement DevOps practices throughout application planning, development, delivery, and operations. Applying the right combination of DevOps technologies, culture, and processes to enable continuous software delivery and better solutions for our customers.

Continuous Deployment/Continuous Integration (CD/CI) from code to cloud, we automate each part of the DevOps process. We have been using Agile software development methods for nearly a decade, with planning, tracking, and reporting for shorter release cycles and full visibility into our software development process.