Clinical Adjudication

Robust Collaborative, Online CEC/DSMB
Case Review Module

This single integrated system follows the data from cradle to final outcome.

CDP’s clinical adjudication module provides efficiency, accountability and documentation of the entire process. It enables the types of metrics sponsors and regulators have come to expect:

  • The ability to evaluate site performance
  • The capacity to run QC on the adjudication process
  • The means to compare individual adjudicators to their peer group within and across protocols

Our advanced system capabilities also enable fully auditable communications between stakeholders (e.g., adjudicators and trial managers), as well as compiles the most complete record of every endpoint process, eliminating guesswork and reducing reconciliation processes significantly. This in turn has enormous benefits to patients and sponsors alike.

I wanted to share some excellent feedback that we received. We wrapped up the adjudication study and presented the results to the adjudication committee on Monday. The feedback was that the system worked great, literally the smoothest adjudication that some of the members have ever conducted. The portal itself (ease of access & ease of use) received a thumbs up from the head of the adjudication committee who has worked with the best providers in the space. So thanks for all your help on this project, working closely with Hui and David to get it done right.


Director of Biostatistics
Global Medical Device Manufacturer