Clinical Trial Support Services

Software Without Service Is Ineffective

Consulting, study design, training, support, and data management services for success.

Our full suite of services gives you the power to leverage our technology for your next clinical discovery. Leverage more than a decade of experience helping clients achieve their clinical objectives. We know what needs to happen and when. Experienced planning, scheduling, and execution make the difference. Working closely with each individual client as a virtual member of the clinical project team, we create client-driven development, training, and deployment schedules.

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Clinical Trial

Consulting & Custom Solutions

Whether it is integrating with your wearable device or legacy IT infrastructure, we can support your unique, complex, or diverse environment.

Using the core components of our Clinical Discovery Platform, we can build, validate, and integrate a customized solution to meet your specific data collection and operational requirements.

Clinical Trial

Study Design & Build

Starting with the end in mind, we work shoulder to shoulder with your team to define exactly what, where, when, and how your study data will be collected, cleaned, and made available for meaningful analysis.

Within weeks, we turn your study specifications into a validated clinical data collection tool available around the clock, and around the world.

Clinical Trial

Training & Support

One of the largest “hidden costs” of remote data capture is the cost of training investigational sites and internal system users.

The best way to minimize this cost is to make the system so intuitive that it requires very little participant training at all. This is one of our greatest strengths. We’ve made a clinical data collection and management system that is “walk-up” friendly.

Clinical Trial

Biostatistics & Data Management

We have experienced staff who are well-versed in the planning of clinical trials as well as the analysis of data.

We can provide expertise for whatever level of support you need – including the ability to support the management of study data.

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