Biotech Company

This global European company develops and markets synthetic bone repair materials for orthopedic and dental applications, and researches and develops bone graft technology. They develop, produce, and provide synthetic bone graft technology and highly sought after synthetic bone repair material, referred to as orthobiologics. They are represented in over 30 countries and have received numerous awards such as Biologics Company of the Year, fastest growing medical technology company, and Fast Track 100.

The Challenge

They needed a way to improve sales and track results captured from an on-going post market registry. Traditionally, when they captured data on paper, sales and marketing had no access to quantifying the results of their registry data and they had no way to leverage their results.

The Solution

We were contacted by the marketing department of this existing CTMS client to help them get specific clinical trial analytics to enhance their sales efforts.  They were particularly interested in custom reporting and data visualization tools that would turn trial data into data intelligence that could be communicated in their value proposition.

Using the Clinical Discovery Platform (CDP) and existing post market data, we were able to generate and manipulate reports and digital dashboards in multiple formats.

The Results

  • Customized data visualization dashboard to front-end Clinical Discovery Platform clinical trial data.
  • Provided a way for them to graphically turn data into actionable information that could be used by sales and marketing senior management to outpace market trends.
  • Increased sales by putting relevant data in an easy to interpret format into the hands of salespeople
  • Helped position the company for acquisition by a multi-billion conglomerate based on their revenue increase and clarity of metrics.

Results, Simplified

Simplified Clinical works alongside sponsors, CROs, consortiums, and consultants from around the country and world to implement a standard platform to maximize clinical trial results, and their CDP is customizable for maximum efficiency when collecting and reporting on integrated clinical trial data.