AI-Driven Text Analytics Power Faster, More Effective Clinical Trial Processes

Simplified Clinical Transforms Clinical Trial Processes with AI-Enhanced Software.

Portsmouth, NH, October 10, 2023 – Simplified Clinical, a provider of clinical trial software to biopharmaceutical and medical device companies, universities, and teaching hospitals, has just introduced AI-driven text analytics as part of its Clinical Discovery Platform (CDP).

Simplified Clinical’s revolutionary new text analytics solution has the potential to transform clinical trial processes by enhancing data collection and insights. This will help biopharma and medical device companies more quickly and accurately develop effective treatments that benefit patients worldwide. 

Using this feature-rich tool, clinical trial teams – including investigators, clinicians, and researchers – will be able to extract and leverage clinical trial data from unstructured medical texts with improved speed, efficiency, and accuracy. This will help teams better identify relevant keywords and phrases, infer meaningful connections, compile statistics, and streamline data analysis.

“I am excited to offer this new addition to our already robust technology suite. Researchers can use this tool to quickly and accurately read doctors’ notes, minimize risk, and avoid regulatory hurdles. By using our innovative text analytics solution, they will be able to extract important information with more accuracy, getting robust details about each patient in their trials,” said John Schwope, CEO of Simplified Clinical.

“By leveraging proven Microsoft technology, we are taking clinical trials to a whole new level. It’s like going from a flip phone to a smartphone. Technological advancements like AI and text analytics are making it faster, more accurate, and more effective to move clinical trial approvals forward and bring new medical discoveries to patients who need them,” he continued.

While text analytics are the first AI component to be added to Simplified Clinical’s platform, there are several more already in the works. In addition to their new AI-enhanced platform, new technologies including Microsoft’s Power BI and automated data capture via FHIR will further elevate the way clinical trials are conducted.

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Simplified Clinical, has revolutionized the clinical trial process, helping organizations succeed and meet their goals through the development, maintenance, and delivery of simplified clinical data systems.  With 15+ years of helping our clients and research partners discover new ways of helping others, our eyes are clearly focused on the future of clinical trials. As a contributing member of the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, using Microsoft Azure’s Cloud for Healthcare, our clients have access to future advances in the use of Real World Evidence, Electronic Health Records via Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


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Simplified Clinical works alongside sponsors, CROs, consortiums, and consultants from around the country and world to implement a standard platform to maximize clinical trial results, and their CDP is customizable for maximum efficiency when collecting and reporting on integrated clinical trial data.