Simplified Clinical’s Addition of AI-Driven Power BI Enhances Data Reporting, Provides Key Insights, and Optimizes Decision-Making

Industry-leading Tool Accelerates Clinical Trials, Reduces Costs, Improves Patient Outcomes

Portsmouth, NH, December 15, 2023 – Simplified Clinical, a provider of clinical trial software to biopharmaceutical and medical device companies, universities, and teaching hospitals, has just introduced AI-driven Power BI as part of its Clinical Discovery Platform (CDP). The integration of Microsoft’s Power BI data analytics tool offers companies a robust, user-friendly, scalable solution to streamline and enhance data reporting and visualization

“Power BI acts as a built-in bridge between insights and action, enabling key decision makers, not just scientists and researchers, to make sense of – and decisions from – complex data sets. When utilized in the context of clinical trials, Power BI provides many benefits to the process, such as accelerating clinical trials, elevating reporting, reducing costs, and improving patient outcomes,” said John Schwope, CEO of Simplified Clinical.

“We are pleased to, once again, integrate the industry-leading capabilities of Microsoft and AI into the Simplified Clinical platform. We are unique in the industry in leveraging the power of Microsoft to provide huge advantages for companies conducting clinical trials,” Schwope added.

The benefits of Power BI integration into Simplified Clinical’s platform include:

  • Scalable data integration & security. 
  • Role-setting & PHI compliance. 
  • Real-time monitoring & proactive decision-making. 
  • User-friendly, interactive visualizations.  
  • Elevated collaboration capabilities. 
  • Predictive analytics & AI capabilities.

Microsoft’s Power BI is the latest AI component to be added to Simplified Clinical’s Clinical Discovery Platform, which already includes their text analytics. The introduction of new technologies will include automated data capture via FHIR in the near future, as well as other components. For more information, please visit

About Simplified Clinical
Simplified Clinical, has revolutionized the clinical trial process, helping organizations succeed and meet their goals through the development, maintenance, and delivery of simplified clinical data systems.  With 15+ years of helping our clients and research partners discover new ways of helping others, our eyes are clearly focused on the future of clinical trials. As a contributing member of the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, using Microsoft Azure’s Cloud for Healthcare, our clients have access to future advances in the use of Real World Evidence, Electronic Health Records via Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


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Simplified Clinical works alongside sponsors, CROs, consortiums, and consultants from around the country and world to implement a standard platform to maximize clinical trial results, and their CDP is customizable for maximum efficiency when collecting and reporting on integrated clinical trial data.