Cases & Applications

Our client community has helped evolve the Clinical Discovery Platform to where it is today. Field experts, like you, have provided feedback, ideas, and innovations to create their platform of choice. Take a look at how several industry leaders have executed successful clinical trials using our service.

Medical Device Manufacturer – Enterprise Application/Standardization

The client is a global, publically traded medical device manufacturer focused on developing new capabilities in near-patient diagnosis, monitoring, and health management. They had achieved significant growth through acquisition and needed a way to standardize the collection….. read the full case

Medical Device Manufacturer Regulatory Compliance Application

This European company develops, produces and markets innovative devices for mechanically supporting the heart, and has developed a niche in pediatrics. Their products are known by cardiologists (where approved) to be highly reliable and engineered for utmost precision. With a solid position in the market….read the full case

Biotech Company – Marketing Application

This global European company develops and markets synthetic bone repair materials for orthopedic and dental applications, and researches and develops bone graft technology. They develop, produce, and provide synthetic bone graft technology and highly sought after synthetic bone repair material….read the full case